Here at LifeSource, we encourage questions about God, The Bible, The Universe, Religions, Human Society and Existence. We discuss tough challenges and even address real practical issues and problems in daily living.
We want you to share your questions, your knowlege, your experience, your skills, your ideas, your concerns, your fears, your hopes, your dreams, and hopefully your desire to experience real love and real truth, in fellowship with us.
We don't have all of the answers at LifeSource, but we know The God who does.
Call and leave a question or send us an email, or just come share with us!!!
Sharing, Worship & Fellowship

Regular Fellowship: Sunday 11:00 AM

Bible Study and Prayer Sharing:  Friday 7:00 PM (510) 932-1283
Actual Sample Questions Addressed In Sharing And Fellowship At LifeSource:
The Bible doesn't address anything serious or real that we deal with like Pollution, Global Warming, Homelessness, Social Justice, Capitalism and The One Percent.  It's just not real world!  Am I right?
"Jews, Christians, and Muslims. What a family Squabble, right?" 
"Hell and Heaven exist??  Okay, where Are They, Mr. Scientist Preacher???"
"I keep my religion and faith to myself.  Besides, it's nobody else's business."
"I was born this way. Besides why would any otherwise NORMAL person just CHOOSE to love like this under all this persecution and hatred by society???"
"Christians are no better than the rest of us, in fact you guys are the worst - especially the so called 'ministers'!"
"The End Times are here!  Just look at all the signs!  Do you think this is a good time to sell everything and move to Canada?"

"Absolute Truth?  Right and Wrong?  Seriously?? It's all Personal Op (opinion) to me, Pal!"

"Heal In The Name Of Jeezusahh!!!  You got to be kiddin' me!!!"
"I dreamed that the Hindu god who is my Spirit Guide gave me a vision..."
"I need $1000 to heal you, my Sister!  Where is all THAT TV Stuff in the Bible?"

"Is Jesus a Democrat Or a Republican?"

"Christians are boring and unfriendly, a bunch of mindless Bigots and Right Wing Racists!!!"

"I have my own truth. What's wrong with that?" (510) 932-1283
"Okay! Answer this!!! Are there aliens or not?  That's right, is there Life on other planets?  Are we being visited?  Don't tell me that UFO's arent' real. We have pictures and video!"

"Do I really have to go to church to be a Christian? God and I fellowship with each other everyday"

"What really happens After someone dies?"

"I have vivid dreams and visions.  Am I a prophet?"

"Evolution is pretty much scientific Fact, Right?"


"Does anybody care how I feel?"

"What's up with those Amish and that whole Caveman thing they do?"
"Jesus and The Buddha, One Man - Two Lives, That's my truth! Namaste!"
"How can you be 'Pro-Life' and be For the Death Penalty?? Come ON!!!"
"We've invited you and your church several times to join and support our Exclusive Secret Organization. Is there a problem???"
"Barak Obama is the Antichrist! I can prove it!"
"I'm 73 years old and very retired. But I feel like God wants me to preach.  Is that possible?"
"Don't All Paths Lead To God? I mean all religions really are the same, aren't they?"
"What about Ghosts and Spirits? - I see them All The Time... Especially at night."
"I'm so excited to be saved!!! I just want to help someone!" (510) 932-1283
"Nobody really understands my pain. God doesn't even answer me..."
"Are Catholics the Same as Christians?"
"Christianity is so last century! Haven't you seen 'What The Bleep...?'"
"The Bible teaches that God Is Love. What more is there to know?"
"You DO understand that the Sex Perverts and Sexual Deviants are An Abomination?  They are all going to hell."
"I'm in the state system since I was 7 years old.  What does God have to say about that?"
"Those street people, the uh, Jehovah's Witnesses - That's you guys too right?"
"Are Mormon's Christians - and doesnt' The Bible Support Polygamy??" (510) 932-1283
"Reincarnation! That's really good! Who came up with that??"
"I'm 12 years old and I have cancer. Why me?"
"I don't believe in The Devil or in, like, an evil deity, so what?"

"Seriously now, what's with all the ritualism, pomp, and circumstance you guys do?  Is all that hype really necessary?" 

"I just think we all need to accept that Heaven and Hell are whatever we make them out to be...  What's wrong with that?"
"Everyone I ever loved has abused me, molested me, and abandoned me.  There is no god."
"So many 'don't's, Not many 'do's!'  The Bible is so restrictive..."
"I can list a hundred mistakes and contradictions in The Bible!!"
"What's up with all this structure and order and pastor stuff?  The Bible says we are all ministers and leaders! I can run my own church if I want right out of my garage, my man!"
"How do you know your God is The Real God?" (510) 932-1283
We should definitely NOT be talking about S-E-X in church. Of that I am pretty sure!
"Do animals go to Heaven when they die?  And what about Babies?"

"Does anybody in the world love me for who I am?"
"Praise The LOrd and Pass The Loot!!! That's what you folks are about, right?"
"Yes, my man's abusive sometimes, and I know he hits me, but I know he loves me, too.  Besides, God Hates Divorce, doesn't He?"
"So, Christianity really is 'The White Man's Religion', My Brothah!  Deal with it!!"
"What are we all worried about? Jesus is coming back 7 years after the Israelis and Palestinians sign the Peace Agreement!!!"
"I've done some extreme things, I mean extreme. I guess I'm going to hell, hunh?"
"Christian RAP?  Christian HIP-HOP?  OH - MY - GOD - NO!!!"
"If It's not in Latin or in King James English, it's not Scripture - period."
"Does anybody care what I think?"
"I don't have a ministry calling. I don't know what to do."
"We were all dinosaurs in our past lives... I remember..."
"A 64 Million Dollar Jet just to do "ministry" - quote unquote.  A 64 Million Dollar Jet...  I need $16 Million or God is gonna kill me???  Religion is SUCH A SCAM!"
"No Dancing! No Dancing - Certainly not in church! - It's all about sex, you know."
"All religions are anti-science, especially Christianity.  It has no logic, no reason, and no basis in reality.  The Bible is filled with senseless violence, hatred, and made up stories to justify genocide and subjugation of the ignorant masses. Now those are the scientific facts!"
True Christians should never engage in Politics or in government.  Even registering to vote is Sin, I think.
I just LOVE GOD!  I think SHE is Wonderful! Don't you agree?

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