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God Intended Our Lives To Be Fun, Interesting, Exciting, & Free!

We Want To Share All That & More With YOU!


As a body, we try to practice a hands-on approach to Christianity in that we believe and affirm that presentation of 'God's Love'? is an action thing! We should share it with and for everyone, not just with members of our church or other Christians, or only with those we think love us. Real Love is to be shared with everyone, whether or not "we think"? it's deserved. LifeSource supports homeless programs, buys food and necessities for the needy, helps with paying bills and rent. We offer employment/career/resume counseling (I have a similar role in the secular world), and we offer social services support and counseling - No Cost.

Most importantly, we share the love and power of God so people hopefully experience Jesus when we are done. Well, we try.

Going Beyond The Extra Mile

LifeSource isn't a fashion show. I have an allergy to metals so I long ago gave away the fake Rolex I received as a gift. I like to talk (most public speakers do), but in the Sunday morning 'Sharing Time'?, People are encouraged to engage in my 'Sermons'?, ask questions, raise concerns, even openly disagree - Yes, really. God doesn't need a 'captive audience'?, and - for the record, The Gospels give us only one 'sermon'? from Jesus.

I think LifeSource is more like the Early Church, in that we have less of the cultural and social trappings of organized and westernized religion that millions of people around the world mistake for Christianity. I teach and encourage people to study The Whole Bible as a complete work of God's historical and ongoing real-world revelation rather than as a work of ancient myth, legend, propaganda, supernatural (or super-science) trivia. Jesus came all the way from Heaven to get close to everyday people so they would know God's Love in-person. He taught His Disciples to model and promote His example. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

And I try to follow that same standard and example myself...

Most of the time...

Some of the time...

Well,as often as I can... Just sayin...

Just Kidding

A song written long ago by some ancient King named David had these words... "Wow! Just taste and see how crazy good God really is!  At LifeSource, we are in for that kind of party. Come out and share with us.


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