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We had a busy life-changing year as a family, despite some setbacks challenges. I gotta say, I do miss my Sunday morning pancake menus. Thank God the scales miss them too! The good news is that we were blessed to continue sharing the Gospel in deeds, even more than in words, this last year. As my Muslim friends would say, "Allahu Akbar!" (GOD IS GREAT!).


LifeSource Gospel Sharing In 2016:

We paid living-space rent, including for motel and hotel rooms for individuals and families in dire and desperate situations.

We supplied bedroom furniture (whole beds, pillows, & coverings), and kitchen & bathroom accessories for adults and children.

We also purchased clothing and basic necessities for families and individuals.

We purchased groceries and literally hundreds of meals for families and individuals throughout the year.

We assisted with travel and support services for funerals and memorial services.

The Pastor and members visited homes and hospitals at all hours to share and bring comfort and support.


It is important to remember that the least important thing we do in sharing The Gospel is TALK to people!

There was a guy named Jesus who once said "Let your light shine so brightly in the world that people will SEE Your Good WORKS (Not WORDS). SEEING your DEEDS they will then glorify Your Heavenly Father."

Jesus models and argues that "The Gospel" Is "DEEDS" backed up by words.

Today, far too many 'Christians' and 'churches' model "The Gospel" as words, words, music, words, and occasionally deeds.

Honestly, nobody is really wondering why most of the San Francisco Bay Area is ungodly and anti-Christian. Too much talk, not much action, and very little light. Just sayin… We can all do it differently in 2017. God Is Able.

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So Now It's 2017!

LifeSource Christian Fellowship is in a new facility in which we are engaging and sharing with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous as partners. They are ground-floor in their ministry and they are sharing "where the rubber meets the road".

In addition to counseling and peer support services, LifeSource is committed to partnering with them to provide the same services and assistance we provided in 2016, at the exact same level. Our goal isn't just to Talk Light, but to Be light, and to share light, with hands-on up to the moment ministry and support. Clearly God is continuing to bless our desire to meet needs and change lives with actual opportunities to do so.


But Wait! There's More In 2017!

We are planning to engage in post-incarceration support by supplying basic necessity backpacks to newly released persons. Just sharing some light.

Through a partnership with Lighthouse Ministry, LifeSource will be providing monthly food and grocery sharing beginning in February.


Please Partner With Us In Making The Difference!

Trust Me, We Need Your Help…

Share An Offering With Us, Especially If You Are Family.

Share A Gift With Us, If You Are A Friend Or Neighbor.

Share Your Talents With Us, Since You Definitely Have At Least One.

Share Your Time With Us, If You Have Any At All.

Share Your Prayers For Us, As Many And As Often As You Can.


I think everyone knows, LifeSource is intimate fellowship. That intimacy allows us to enjoy quite a bit of freedom and flexibility In Fellowship, In Worship, In Eating Together, and in our discussions and walking through The Whole Bible – From Genesis To Revelation.

LifeSource Fellowship Services Are Very Interactive. Everyone Is Free To Ask Questions, To Share Perspectives, and To Offer Insight Into The Word Of God As Presented In Scripture.


The Past Few Weeks Of Our Fellowship Service Discussions:

-- Where Exactly Were The "Wise Men" Really From??? --

-- Why Was The King Of Judea Worried About "Three Wise Guys" Asking Silly Questions??? --

-- Exposing "Edited History" - A Superpower Cold War 2000 Years Ago --

-- God's Perspective Regarding Spying --

-- If The Bible Says "Thou Shalt Not Kill'' Why did God "Sanction" Killing In The Old Testament??? --

-- Does God Really Love All People? What About People Who Openly & Totally Reject God??? --

-- Should Christians Be Voting, Or Running For Office, Or Even Be Involved In The Government??? --

-- Virgin Birth: That's Just Not Scientifically Possible, Right??? --

-- God's Version Of Poker --


Come Share & Bring Your Questions, Your Concerns, Your Ideas, And Your Desire To Share The Gospel!

Everyone Is Welcome!


Final Note: We are upgrading the functionality of the LifeSource Website – You'll see some unstable pages and some in rework over the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience as we work through that process.

Thanks for listening.

Share if you dare! Yes, Livelines are for sharing.  No secrets here, yet.

If you have a question, or you want to concur (affirm your agreement), or you flat out disagree with Livelines, please share. Take your stand for The Truth.  (Love definitely rejoices in The Truth).
Joseph Washington, Headwaiter - LifeSource
If you have questions or would like to share with us, please call or email.
You are invited to come fellowship with us!!!

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